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1. what is Heart Attack definition

2. pre heart attack symptoms female

3. How do I know when I am having a heart attack?

4. What does it mean to have a mild heart attack?

5. What does it feel like when you are having a heart attack?

6. Is a heart attack painful?

Title: What are some signs and symptoms of a heart attack
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Be Healthy Save your life from heart problems. CVD cardio vascular disease or heart diseases is the deadliest disease of the world.
In 2015 more than 17.7 million people died from CVD, representing 31% of global deaths. In India more than 8 million people die every year due to CVD.
In United States of America every fourth death is due to CVD.
Every year more than 7, 70, 000 people only die in the United States of America, one of the most advanced and developed country of the world, imagine how many millions will die in the rest of the world?
This program is about Pacemaker most important device for the CVD.
My next video will be more important`about the major heart attack (Myocardial Infaction) and how you can save yourself and your loved ones. Rich (Dr. Abdul Rasheed) California, USA.
Dr. Rasheed
California, USA.
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