Viral Fever Flu वायरल फीवर सर्दी जुकाम के कारण लक्षण उपचार Causes Symptoms Cure #MedDigest 14

Kyon viral fever season change hone par hota hai ? Viral Flu ke kya Lakshan hai ? Badan Dard ? Gale mein kharash, sardi , bukhar, jukam.

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Viral Fever Flu वायरल फीवर सर्दी जुकाम के कारण लक्षण उपचार Causes Symptoms & cure MedDigest Ep#14
बरसात में वायरल फीवर का इलाज I Treatment of viral fever in rainy season

in today’s hectic life and because of pollution we keep on getting viral fever
viral fever is caused by virus as the name suggests and not by bacteria
it is spread by air and by breadth i.e. breathing or sneezing or coughing
once a person is infected by virus, the viral infection spreads very fast and the person gets down with fever
the common symptoms of viral fever are:
fever, redness of eyes, body pain, coughing and sneezing
in small kids, viral fever is very troublesome
children have difficulty in breathing due to nose block therefore they become very irritable and cranky
kids also get vomiting and loose motions during viral fever
as viral fever is caused by virus,
PRECAUTIONS during viral fever:

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