Turmeric and mustard oil paste for piles treatment in home – Home remedy for permanent pain relief

Turmeric and mustard oil paste works as a healing home remedy to treat piles. Recent studies have admired that turmeric and mustard oil contains some anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure piles permanently. Turmeric itself considered good for wounds and infection so it also fights against piles. On the other hand, mustard oil is a natural oil which helps to deal bacterial infections in your intestines. Together turmeric and mustard oil paste provide instant relief from piles. I found myself cure of piles by this simple remedy. This time I will advise you to try the method for piles treatment.

Turmeric powder
Mustard oil
Onion juice

How to make?
Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and stir well. Apply the paste to the infected are and repeat the process until piles permanently cured.
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