Treat Common Cold or Flu – Simple Home Remedies & Tricks

There are many medications available to cure a cold or flu; this video helps you to practically cure a cold with natural remedies. These simple tricks to treat the cold or flue can be done at the comfort of your home. Common Cold and Influenza (flu) affects your nose, chest and gives you a head ache. The seasonal flu is caused by viruses. Follow these tips and tricks to relieve flu symptoms including sore throat, runny nose, congestion and cough. These tips also help you to get rid of fever, headache and muscle soreness.

1. Moist Heat Compress to beat nose block and make you breathe easy
If you have a blocked noise and you are not able to breathe through you nose, you have a heavy headache,you can apply moist heat compress to your cheeks and sinus to get relief from nose block and breathe with ease.

2. Saline Nasal Spray to clear the congestion and block in your nose

3. Elevate the Head when you sleep
Keeping your head in an elevated position helps you to breathe better and have less congestion.

4. Eat Spices like Garlic, Ginger and Pepper
Garlic stimulates your immunity, ginger has anti inflammatory properties and pepper is a natural decongestant.

5. Avoid congestive food like dairy, milk products, fried food, processed food and junk food. Eat simple that keeps you healthy like a bowl of soup or plain rice.

Note: These tips and tricks are helpful to treat common cold or flu and not for swine flu or bird flu. Please consult a doctor if you suffer from h1n1 virus and get a flu shot or flu vaccine.
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