Tooth pain cure | home remedies to cure teeth pain| tooth pain relief| how to stop toothache fast

Tips 1 : Use Glove oil 5 drops in to cotton wool and keep it inside your teeth for few minutes.
Tips 2 : Take 2 nos garlic and place your teeth between and grind it and keep it same pain location then bacteria will be die and pain will be reduced.
Tips 3: Take cup of warm water and mix with ½ tsp of salt and do goggling for few minutes.
Tips 4 : Everyday brush it before going to sleep and this method will help to control beacteria in your teeth
Tips 5 : Use neem stem on every day for teeth brush or eat tiny quantity of neem leafs and grind it in your teeth between specially where cavity of teeth.
Tips 6 : Eat raw onion slice whenever teeth pain.
Hope this video message will help to someone who are getting teeth pain.
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