Stomach Gas Relief With Natural Home Remedies

Infants experiencing gas formation is a common problem. Babies suffer from gas problem due to under developed digestive system or overfeeding. It is normal for babies to suck air while feeding from the bottle or taking breast feed. The air causes gas formation and uneasiness in infants.
Certain foods like spices, dairy products, pickles or soy or peanuts, eaten by lactating mothers can cause gas problems in infants. Babies suffer from stomach pain, sleeplessness and bloating due to gas formation. The gas bubbles get trapped in the intestines and the baby feels cramps and discomfort in abdominal area.
Symptoms of gas problem in babies include excessive burping, continuous crying, disturbed sleep, constipation, stiffness in abdominal area, excessive leg movements of the baby you must relieve your baby from gas pain to make her/him feel comfortable and sleep peacefully. There are over the counter oral drops available for gas relief is better to treat baby gas with home remedies