Piles Problem Home Remedy | Results in 1 DAY | Get Rid of Pile for Always

BEST AND SIMPLE HOME REMEDY FOR PILES. TRY IT ONCE BEFORE ANYTHING. we are talking about the problem of piles
and those who are suffering from piles know it very well that
that constipation is a major responsible factor for piles
so friends in today’s video i will tell you
a very simple home remedy to relieve constipation
and get rid of problem of piles.
and its truly very effective
so if you are also struggling with the problem of constipation
then kindly watch this video till end
today we are going to talk about a simple home remedy
this remedy is known as GOND KATIRA
we can easily get this gum from grocery store
what you have to do is just make small pieces of it
and soak just 5-10 gms. um in a glass of water overnight
while soaking it you can keep it in refrigerator also
this gum will swell up till morning
this gum has rich sources of fibers and protein and folic acid
and folic acid soothes wounds and relives pain
so friends after soaking it overnight
and eat it in the morning empty stomach.
you can eat it easily
it is tasteless so
you can add it in milkshake
or you can add it in a juice
or you can eat it raw.
because it has much fibers it has great water holding capacity
that’s why it works well as natural stools softner
and soothes the condition of piles very nicely
along this this gum has coolant properties for stomach and intestine
so it cool down heat and acidity in our stomach and intestine
so friends if you regularly use this magical gum in daily schedule
then i assure you that you will get good results from the day you start it
and it starts working from day 1
so i hope you will definitely try this magical remedy
and definitely you will get amazing results
so friends i hope you will like the information given in this video
and you will get benefited with this magical home remedy
so friend i hope you like today’s video
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