Peeled Onions Remedy Healing Health Home photos full of Virus Cold Germs the idea girl says
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we put two in our bedroom one on each side of the bed, two in the living room one on each side of the couch where we sit and by the company couch (in between two) one in kitchen, one in bathroom and one in my office…

peel skins off (brown paper stuff feeling), and cut ends of off (not root) lay out on a dish, and replace every 30 days or if you have a guest that might be around flu, virus cold symptoms the onions will shrivel up like these did (2 weeks old after a pastor came to visit and other friends both around people with flu n colds)

we felt ill, changed onions and 24 hrs later felt better, the flu bug didnt’ get us!

if it does replace them every other day until your better, they kill and remove bacteria, molds and other virus’s in the air flows of your home.