Natural Treatments for Tooth Pain and Decay: 1 Year Later

Last year, I put up some videos about my battle with tooth decay so I thought it was time to give you an update. Although I have not been able to heal my tooth that has an infection in the roots, I have found that the natural remedies work very well to get rid of pain.
There are many dark spots on and between my teeth that were the beginnings of decay that have halted, as confirmed by my dentist. I had previously been told by another dentist that I would need to have a filling, removing sides of two teeth, but this decay has halted and a year later still does not need a filling. I mentioned this in an earlier video. This cavity is still healed.

Here is my video on what happened to my molar and why I didn’t get a root canal last year:

Testimonial of someone using the ‘cure tooth decay’ method with success on a tooth that supposedly needed a root canal:

My husband has had great success eliminating tooth pain related to severe dental injuries.

We have had great success in halting tooth decay in my son. We are continuing to apply these methods to treat a new cavity he has and we expect it should work like it did last time.