How to treat costochondritis | Home remedies for costochondritis

How to treat costochondritis | Home remedies for costochondritis.

In simple terms, costochondritis refers to a pain in the chest. This usually occurs due to a swelling in the ribcage or in the cartilage that connects to the rib. Costochondritis causes pain in the chest that is very similar to that of a heart attack. It also goes by the term chest pain or chest wall pain. Costochondritis usually occurs at a point in the chest where the bone and cartilage meet. This is usually between the second and the fifth ribs.

As the symptoms of costochondritis are very similar to life threatening ailments like cardiovascular disease, it is important to report the situation to a qualified physician straight away. It is better to be safe than sorry in this case. Once heart disease is ruled out, the doctor can focus on curing costochondritis, depending on what caused it.