How to treat Back Pain in children and teens? – Dr. Suresh H S

Back ache is not common in children and in teenage group, because this Spain in them is most flexible. If a child is complaining of backache we should not take it lightly because there may be a serious underlining disorder involved in the spinal cord and Spain. The commonest causes of low back ache in children and in teens are the birth defect involving the bone and the nervous tissue, the infection involve in the Spain, the trauma which leads to sprain of the muscle ligament and joints there may be a stress fracture because of trauma. The tumor which is very rare may also affect the Spain in this age group. There are certain investigations which is useful in this group of patient this includes x-ray and CT scan with that we can diagnose the bony problem and with MRI we can diagnose the neurological problem like a disc prolapse at Tethered card and also the blood test which is useful to diagnose the infection involve in the Spain. The treatment in this group include the rest if it is a trauma and sprain involving muscles and bones and mild stress fractures. If there is infection we have to treat with either antibiotics or if is tuberculosis we have to treat with anti-tuberculosis treatment, in conditions like Tethered card or spinal instability and in case of bony tumor we have to subject this patient for surgical procedure.