How to Treat Asthma Naturally : Natural Home Remedy For Asthma VitaLife Show Episode 182

Natural Home Remedy For Asthma VitaLife Show Episode 182

Asthma rates are increasing in adults and children all over the world. This could have something to do with our rising toxicity and pollution levels. One of the best acute natural remedies for an asthma attack is to drink some hot coffee. This helps to dilate the airways, therefore making it easier to breathe. Some foods can make asthma worse, so try to avoid bananas, dairy products which are mucous forming, peanuts and salt can make asthma worse. Saturated fats are also inflammatory and should be limited.

Natural anti-inflammatory fats are helpful for asthma. Omega 3 fats, like fish oils are a concentrated form of omega 3 fatty acids that are helpful for treating asthma naturally.

At VitaTree we created a fantastic great tasting omega 3 fish oil supplement called VitaFish Oil. It tastes great and is loaded with the important anti- inflammatories , DHA and EPA.

We also created a probiotics supplement that is great for keeping the immune system healthy, and also tastes great and kids love it. Detoxification is also very important, especially lung detoxification, which can be achieved easily by taking the VitaDetox, a full body detox system that is easy to take and no dietary changes are necessary.

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