How to Relieve Tooth Pain When Pregnant

Make sure you only use safe methods to relieve toothaches to protect both you and your baby’s health while dealing with tooth pain.
Step 1
Take acetaminophen according to package directions. While the American Pregnancy Association warns against taking ibuprofen or aspirin while pregnant, acetaminophen is safe to take as long as you heed proper dosing instructions when experiencing pain. It can help relieve pain on a short-term basis until you’re able to see a dentist or talk to your obstetrician.
Step 2
Chew on a whole clove, suggests The clove oil that secretes from the clove can be worked into the sore tooth as a natural and safe way to relieve tooth pain when pregnant. Clove oil can be purchased in drugstores, but it can cause nerve damage when used in large amounts, so it’s safer to chew one or two cloves at a time. You should notice a difference within a half hour of chewing cloves.
Step 3
Gargle with warm water, which can temporarily and safely relieve mild pain.
Step 4
Apply a topical antiseptic containing benzocaine to the affected tooth with a cotton swab, suggests It’s the same formula used on teething babies and is safe while pregnant. Look for a gel formula in the baby supply section of the drug store.
Step 5
Schedule an appointment with your dentist if the pain doesn’t subside within a day or two. While pain management techniques may be effective, you’ll need to receive care if you have an abscessed tooth, cavity or other dental problem. Tell your dentist that you’re expecting, and she’ll make adjustments in the X-ray room and while working on your tooth so only safe products are used.