How to prevent skin fungus and ringworm infection – Ringworm Skin Infections

Welcome back to our You Tube channel today here in this video we will tell about RINGWORM SKIN INFECTIONS. This is a contagious fungal skin infection not caused by a worm as the name would indicate. It can affect the skin on the body, scalp and nails, feet and groin creases. It spread by direct contact with the infected individual or an infected pet animal. The affected area initially presents with a small flat raised rash which then forms a clearing in the centre surrounded by a raised border which when untreated keeps spreading out in a circle with a clear center appearing like a ring hence the name ringworm. Some symptoms of ringworm skin infections are scalp head also called as tinea captitis, starts either as small patches of scaling or itchy , red, bumpy and rash on the scalp, Hair in the affected area becomes brittle and easily breakable, Leads to smooth and bald patches, Foot ( athlete’s foot)/ tinea pedis), Appears in the warm, most web of toes where moisture form sweat is trapped due to close fitted shoes, Appears white peeling and scaling in the toe webs and there can be thickening of skin with overlying dryness on the soles and heels, Body tinea corposis, Seen more in hot humid climates, Present with the typical ringworm rash which can keep spreading to others parts of the body if untreated.

Some treatment for ringworm skin infections are:-

For rashes on the body ( tinea corposis)
Requires only a topical apply over the skin and anti fungal ointment for 1-2 weeks
Oral antifungal medication might be needed for extensive rashes infections on the scalp
Will prescribed oral anti- fungal medication for 2- 12 weeks along with an antifungal shampoo.

Some prevention for ringworm are:-

Avoid sharing personal items like clothing towels, soaps, bedspreads and combs and hats.
Wear footwear when in community pools and common shower areas.

To know more about RINGWORM SKIN INFECTIONS please watch this full video.
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