How To Get Rid Of TEETH CAVITY At Home – Dental Cavity Removal

HOW TO REMOVE CAVITY FROM TEETH AT HOME? WATCH this video to learn home remedies for tooth cavities.

Home remedies work well in teeth cavities treatment. A tooth is made up of outer coating called enamel and inner layer called dentin. Damage to the tooth causes tooth cavities. Both the layers of a tooth can get affected by tooth decay.

What are cavities:-

After eating the food particles which get stuck to the teeth are attacked by bacteria present in the mouth, the carbohydrates in these food particles are converted into acids which dissolve the enamel and create cavities. Normally, the cavities keep forming but minerals are replenished by fluoridated water, fluoride containing toothpaste or mineral-rich saliva. These minerals protect the enamel from damage. Fluoride, calcium and phosphate help in remineralisation of enamel. Demineralisation usually starts on the enamel and causes micro cavities to form. This requires proper oral care and attention. But the real problem starts if the cavities get deeper and are formed in the dentin layer (inner) also. Cavities can be very painful, if you are looking for home remedies for cavities, read on.

Cavities can trouble not only children but also grownups. Cavities in adults are more serious often because they are usually deeper. Dentists removed the decay by drilling the tooth and fill up with materials like porcelain, silver or gold etc. if the root is affected then root canal treatment is done.

Cavity is a common problem with growing up kids. It is one of the main causes of toothache and jaw pain. Some of the symptoms of cavity are difficulty in chewing food, pain and swelling too.
The reason for this condition are improper oral hygiene and Excessive intake of starchy and sugary food. This problem can be avoided if good oral habits followed, like brushing twice a day and rinsing the mouth after every meal.

While it is necessary to undergo these treatments to prevent the spread of cavities, the pain can however be managed by some home remedies for cavities.

Home remedies for teeth cavities:-

1.Sesame Seed Oil for cavities:-Sesame seed oil is amazing to help fight cavities.
• Mix 2-3 drops of clove oil in ¼ tsp of sesame seed oil. Put a few drops on cotton ball and place it on affected tooth. This is an effective home remedy for cavities.

2. Salt for cavities: – Salt ha antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and it can be used to treat cavities. Salt helps to reduce inflammation, to draw out infection and also helps to further prevent growth of any more bacteria.

• Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Swish a mouthful of this solution around in your mouth for 1 minute, concentrating on the affected tooth. Follow this treatment 3 times a day until your symptoms subside.

3. Oil Pulling for cavities: – Oil pulling is an ancient exercise that can help to reduce cavities and also bleeding gums .It can also treat bad breath. It basically helps to get rid of harmful bacteria from the mouth which are usually responsible for different types of dental problems.

• Put 1 tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth. Gently swish it around for about 20 minutes. Spit it out. Avoid gargling or swallowing the oil. Rinse your mouth out with warm water. Use salt water for added antimicrobial benefits. Bush your teeth as usual. Do this daily in the morning, on an empty stomach. Remember that this is a supposed to be a relaxing process. Do not swish too vigorously. Otherwise your mouth will pain and you might end up with a sore jaw muscles.

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