How to Get Rid Of Ringworm ❀ Cure Ringworm Using Home Remedies

Ringworm is a disease caused by fungus. It may be called ringworm, however, it is not a worm. Because ringworm is extremely contagious, it is very difficult to get rid of. It is possible for family members to continue passing the disease back and forth from one to the other. Ringworm appears as a red and sometimes flaky rash on the skin in a circle shape. Once you see the rash or are diagnosed by a doctor, you need to know how to get rid of ringworm. If you have ringworm for a good period of time in your fingernails, toenails, or on the scalp, the treatment time may be significantly longer than if you find it on other parts of the body.

It is very important to prevent infecting other family members in the home. Avoid contact when possible. You should not share clothes, towels, or blankets with the affected person. Preventing the ringworm from spreading throughout the home will prevent family members from being infected over and over again.

1. Lemongrass Tea.
Lemongrass tea is an excellent and delicious way to treat ringworm. You should drink a glass of the lemongrass tea three times a day. While you are drinking the tea, apply the used tea bag to the affected area. You should begin to see your ringworm healing after about two weeks.

2. Grapefruit Seed Extract and Bath Salts.
The combination of grapefruit seed extract and bath salts are excellent when trying to cure ringworm.

You should use bath salts that contain natural sea salts. Combine the ingredients and apply it directly to the affected area. Using a band-aid, cover the area to hold the mixture against the skin. You should change the band-aid twice a day. After the third day, the ringworm should be dried up.

3. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide.
Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide team up and are a wonderful ringworm treatment. In a small bowl, combine four tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Stir the mixture until it becomes a paste. Apply the paste to the affected area and do not wipe it off. Allow it to sit on the skin. Do this twice a day. You should notice the ringworm is going away within three days.

4. Garlic.
Garlic is extremely effective when treating fungal infections, which makes it excellent in treating ringworm.

Treating ringworm with garlic is simple. You need to peel a clove of garlic and cut it into very thin pieces. Apply the garlic to the ringworm and put a band-aid over it to hold it on overnight. To treat the ringworm throughout the day, smash us the garlic and rub the pieces in the infected area. Allow the juices to remain on the affected area all day.

5. Colloidal Silver.
Colloidal silver is an antibiotic that is completely natural and can destroy hundreds of harmful microorganisms. It is excellent in curing ringworm. To treat ringworm with colloidal silver, simply rub it on the affected area if you have a gel, if you have a liquid, spray it on. Allow it to sit and dry on the skin. Do this twice a day until there are no more signs of the ringworm,. It can take anywhere from three days to three weeks.

6. Olive Leaf.
Olive leaf is a supplement that you can take to treat ringworm. It has excellent anti fungal qualities. It also boosts the body’s immune system. You should take one 250mg capsule three times a day. Continue doing this until the ringworm has dissipated.

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Disclaimer: The publisher of this video is not a medical expert. The information provided here is based on extensive web research and extracted from several high authority health websites. Therefore, you are advised to practice these home remedies, medicines and suggestions on your own risk.

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