How To Get Rid Of INDIGESTION – Home Remedies Treatment

How to cure INDIGESTION naturally? TRY these home remedies to get relief from INDIGESTION symptoms quickly.

Indigestion usually occurs after having eaten spicy or fatty foods or even because of overeating. Especially in our Indian cuisines the food is often rich in ghee and spices and overeating always tends to get our digestive tract out of order. The symptoms could include gas, bloating, abdominal pain, burning in the upper abdomen, vomiting, acidic taste in the mouth etc. It is best to treat these symptoms with mild yet effective home remedies.

1. Ginger is great for improving your digestion and help relieve bloating. The combination of ginger and lemon works wonders in improving the digestion. All that you need is just two teaspoons of ginger juice and some lemon juice in a cup of hot water to get the maximum benefits out of this amazing concoction. Have this before your meal, it will work wonders as you will never have to deal with indigestion after eating a heavy meal. For more information on benefits of ginger, watch this video

* It helps to stimulates digestion
* Helps in the production of saliva, gastric juices and bile.
* This tea is ideal to be had before your meal or in small amounts during it.
* It helps to prevent gas
* Helps to combat bloating
* It relaxes the muscles and relieves the cramping
* It helps to reduce flatulence.
* It helps to relax the muscles to release the trapped gas in the stomach.
* It helps to digest the food fast, hence fermenting of food does not add to your woes.
* Helps prevent acid reflux.
* It helps to reduce inflammation
* It improves circulation by boosting the flow of blood to all organs.

2. Fennel seed are great for bringing relief from indigestion. They contain volatile oils which help to reduce nausea and also control flatulence .These seeds have a carminative effect. This helps to soothe the digestive tract and also reduce inflammation and the discomfort caused due to gas and bloating. Fennel seeds contains anti-spasmodic, anti–inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and properties which help to bring quick relief from stomach problems like bloating and gas. The natural carminative properties of the fennel seeds helps to remove gas from your intestinal tract and also aids in digestion. Fennel seeds aid the smooth functioning of the intestinal tract .They help to relax the contracted intestinal muscles. It is good source of antioxidants. These help to protect the body from free radicals.

# The best way to consume these seeds are as follows:

* You can dry roast the seeds and then grind, and sieve them. Take half a glass of water and mix half a teaspoon of this powder into it. Do this twice daily. This will give you relief from the heartburn and indigestion.

* You can also drink fennel tea. This is very simple to make .Just add two teaspoons of crushed fennel seeds into a cup of hot water. Sip this concoction slowly and see your pain disappear.

* The simplest and the most effective option is to just chew on a spoonful of fennel seeds for instant yahoo symptom relief.

3. Baking soda is known for numerous household and cooking benefits. The key to its treatment for acid reflux lies in the ingredients sodium bicarbonate. This ingredient acts as an antacid to help neutralize stomach acid and control symptoms of gastrointestinal reflux disease or GERD after eating. Aside from treating the discomfort that comes with acid reflux, it’s important to prevent damage to the oesophagus. Baking soda is just one of the many possible treatments your doctor may recommend for acid reflux due to its neutralizing properties. When baking soda is used as an antacid, it helps to prevent stomach acids from backing up in the oesophagus. Baking soda can help reduce the risk of long-term oesophageal damage.

Hope you try out these simple home remedies for indigestion the next time you overindulge in food.

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