How to Cure Wisdom tooth Pain with Home Remedies | Doctor D

How to cure Wisdom tooth pain with Home Remedies by Doctor D.
Wisdom tooth pain has a bad impact on your Jaw line and the growth of your another tooth.
Permanent wisdom tooth pain can permanently damage your tooth. So it is necessary to treat it wisely.
Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Pain:
1 Pain in Jaw
2 headache
3 Adjacent Teeth Pain
4 Redness and Swelling in Jaw

Every type of your Tooth pain can disturb your daily routine and Pain covers your whole mouth.
If these remedies don’t work, please consult your Doctor.
Home remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain
1 Clove
It has pain relieving properties and works like a magic. Eugenol is a such kind of ingredient which is being used in many dental medicines.
Take a few pieces of cloves and place it between your Jaws in affected area. After sometime you will feel that it relieves the Pain.
2 Garlic
It consists of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which ultimately causes comfort for your Wisdom Tooth Pain
Crush and grind 2 pieces of Garlic and mix with little bit salt in it.
Apply the paste to affected area.
3 Ice-Pack
Place the Ice-Pack on affected area which will reduce inflammation. Due to this level of pain will be decreased.
4 Ginger
It has wonderful antibacterial properties which is helpful in relieving pain and infection of Wisdom tooth
Place a small piece of Ginger in the affected area and press it slowly with your teeth. It will leave the juice which causes comfort in relieving pain.
5 Olive Oil
Olive Oil is very beneficial and useful. It also soothes the pain
Heat some Olive Oil and then wait for a while.
Pour some drops of Olive Oil into the Ear on the side of toothache and See the magic
6 Onion
It kills the Germs and bacteria in the affected area and relieves from infection and Pain.
Take a slice of onion, place it between the affected area and chew it.
Or Apply some onion juice on the Wisdom tooth to get relief from pain.
7 Vanilla
Mostly Vanilla is used to make Ice cream and cakes but it is also very useful for relieving tooth pain.
Dab a small piece of cotton into Vanilla essence and place it in the affected area. This will reduce tooth Pain.