Home Remedies for Toothache – Immediate Pain Relief

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===== Home Remedies for Toothache =====

Excruciating! Just one word is enough to describe toothache. The throbbing pain around your teeth or jaws may even radiate to the cheeks and ears.
• Tooth decay
• Exposed tooth root
• Cracked tooth
• Damaged filling
• Gum disease
• Wisdom tooth… are some of the factors that trigger toothache.

Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water is perhaps the most common home remedy for this ailment. But there are some more worth trying.

Home Remedy 1
• Take some ground pepper.
• Add an equal amount of salt.
• Put a little water.
• Mix it to make a paste.
• Apply this on the aching tooth.

Home Remedy 2
• Crush a garlic clove. You could crush it with the broad side of a knife.
• Put a little table salt or black salt on it.
• Apply it on the affected area.

Home Remedy 3
• Grind 2 cloves.
• Add a little olive oil or any vegetable oil.
• Mix it.
• Apply on the affected area.

• If there is swelling along with the pain, chew a piece of raw onion or place it around the affected tooth to kill the germs.
• Follow good oral hygiene to prevent and control such problems.
• Make sure you rinse your mouth after eating, especially after meals.
• Avoid taking foods and drinks with high sugar content. Don’t smoke; it can worsen your dental problems.
• If the pain is severe or does not subside within a couple of days, consult a dentist. Similarly, do not ignore symptoms like fever and swelling around the affected tooth as it may be a sign of an abscess.
• Do not put off your regular visits to the dentist as they help detect potential dental problems early on.