Home Remedies for Ringworm – Neem & Tea Tree Oil

Natural Home Remedies for Ringworm.

Take ½ a teaspoon of neem leaf powder, One teaspoon of warm water and Normal size bowl, Cotton balls
Combine the neem leaf powder and also the water within the bowl.
Stir lightly until a paste forms.
Directly apply this paste towards the ringworm.
Repeat 3 to 4 times each day before the ringworm has healed.

Tea Tree Oil.
Take One and ½ teaspoons 100% pure Tea Tree oil extract, Cotton swab and something cup of warm water (this really is optional)
Go ahead and take cotton swab and use a couple of drops from the Tea Tree oil.
Use the cotton swab to the infected area.
Continue doing this method 3 to 4 times each day.
Alternatively, to include the main one and ½ teaspoons Tea Tree oil towards the cup of warm water. Stick to the same treatment as in the above list.
Either method ought to be employed for a time period of 3 to 4 days.

Aloe Vera.
Have an Aloe Vera leaf and work available to extract the gel from inside, collect it inside a glass bowl and put it on around the ringworm rashes, leave for half an hour before washing by water.
Reput it on two to three times each day every day up until the infection heals completely.

Coconut Oil.
Coconut Oil (a natural, unrefined, and nonhydrogenated coconut oil is better)
Apply a tiny bit of the coconut oil directly to the affected area.
Massage lightly for 3 to 4 minutes
Continue doing this treatment 3 to 4 times each day
You may also use the coconut oil just prior to going to sleep and then leave on overnight.
Do this again treatment for approximately three days.

Holy Basil.
Take Several fresh holy basil leave, Mortar and pestle and Cotton balls
Crush the holy basil leaves using the mortar and pestle before to extract the juice.
Use a cotton pad to use the holy basil juice straight to the ringworm.
Repeat two times each day for at least 10 days.

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