Home Remedies for Cough Variant Asthma

Home Remedies for Cough Variant Asthma
Cough variant asthma (CVA) is a milder form of asthma. Children are more likely than adults to have this type of asthma.
Cough variant asthma doesn’t have typical asthma symptoms. CVA is mainly associated with one symptom – a chronic cough that is usually dry and unproductive, which may be worse at night. This cough lasts at least six to eight weeks.
Due to extensive coughing, there can be increased inflammation in the airways. However, the risk of severe airway narrowing is lower with this type of asthma.
Dry and unproductive coughing can cause sleep disruption, exhaustion, cracked or fractured ribs, vomiting, and lightheadedness.
Just like standard chronic asthma, experts are still not sure what causes CVA. However, experts believe that allergens like pollen may cause coughing. Another possible reason may be an infection in the respiratory system that ultimately triggers coughing episodes.
In some people, CVA may even be associated with taking beta-blockers, which are used to treat conditions like heart disease, heart failure, migraines, hypertension and abnormal heart rhythms.
People who have another allergic condition, regular asthma or a relative with asthma are at a higher risk for cough variant asthma. Other risk factors include being overweight, smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, and exposure to environmental or occupational irritants.
If cough variant asthma is not treated and managed properly, it may progress into classic asthma. According to a study published in Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews in 2011, 30 to 40 percent of adult patients with CVA, unless adequately treated, may progress to classic asthma .
Treatment for cough variant asthma is not difficult if the problem is diagnosed timely. Many simple and effective home remedies can provide relief from the dry cough and bring comfort.
Here are the top 5 home remedies for cough variant asthma.
1. Salt Water
Salt water is a good home remedy for alleviating irritation in the throat that accompanies constant coughing. Warm salt water also promotes healing of inflamed airways.
2. Oregano
Oregano is another effective remedy for treating the dry cough, the only symptom of CVA. This herb contains antispasmodic, antibacterial and expectorant properties that help clear mucus from the lungs and ease dry coughing.
3. Honey
Honey is another very effective natural cure for CVA.
The sweetness of honey triggers your salivary glands to produce more saliva, which in turn lubricates your airways, easing your cough. It also has antioxidant properties that fight inflammation and boost immunity.
4. Ginger
Ginger is a popular natural treatment for various ailments, including asthma as well as cough variant asthma.
5. Lemon
Lemons can also be used to cure a dry cough, the most prominent symptom of cough variant asthma. Lemons have properties that reduce inflammation and also provide a dose of infection-fighting vitamin C.

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