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2 Home Remedies for constipation or Permanent Treatment for constipation. कब्‍ज दूर करने के घरेलू उपचार. Home remedies for constipaiton in hindi

You can drink 2 glass of warm water in empty stomach in morning. According to your body type you can also add lemon or lemon and honey both. Walk little bit then go to wash room.

Drink Spinach (Palak) soup. Twice in a day. Spinach helps to rebuild, renew and clean the gastro-intestinal tract of the individuals.

Besides these home remedies, you can also consume food which help to constipation.

Vegetable Bitter Guard, Radish. green leafy vegetables.

Fruits Papaya, Guava, Apple.

Note Do not take Guava in night.

Here are some general guidelines to help prevent constipation.

Awake at dawn and drink a glass of warm water
Practice a gentle physical activity like yoga to encourage bowel movements
A gentle abdominal massage with oils will also help
Have a healthy breakfast
Restrict the intake of sugar-rich foods like biscuits, cookies, pastries, and sweets

Drink lots of water
Eat fewer processed carbohydrates
Eat a nutritious balanced diet
Eat plenty of fiber
Consume good oils
Reduce stress at home, office, & business
Eat food at same time.

Drink water After one hour of eating food.
Do not take tea, coffee.
Eat split pulses (chhilka Vali Dal)
Avoid Fast food and processed food, Deep fried food, Stale food, White flour.
Eat less non vegetarian food in Summer Season
Eating Ice-cream in modration.
Aovid Ice water. It increase vata .

Causes of constipation:

incorrect diet plan
No active life style or zero exercise
bad daily lifestyle habits
excessive smoking and drinking
Less Water Intake

Low amount of fiber in your diet,
Low daily intake of water,
Sometimes medication,
Changes in life such as travel, sitting long time.
And last but not least, ignoring the urge to use the toilet.