Home Remedies for Asthma Wheezing | How to Stop Wheezing Fast

Home Remedies for Asthma ►Coughing day and night time, wheezing, difficulties of breath and chest tightness are the primary symptoms of asthma. When your main airways got interrupted and become inflamed then asthma happens with above-mentioned symptoms. Here are a number of home remedies for asthma wheezing that works extraordinary with your doctor’s prescription.

Home Remedy for Asthma Wheezing | How to Stop Wheezing Fast

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1. Garlic with milk

Boiled garlic water with milk is very useful home remedy. You need a few slices of garlic to be boiled and half mug milk. Mix the ½ cup garlic water in milk and consume it before going to bed.

2. Turmeric with honey

Turmeric extract with honey can be one of the effective home remedies for asthma. Consume ½ tbsp turmeric extract and 2 tbsp honey in the morning with the empty stomach. It soothes primary symptoms of asthma.

3. Parsley

Sounds weird? Not right, there are so many health benefits of parsley for our body. Parsley is not the simple leaves to be consumed as mixed salad or food flavoring but it takes a good care of asthma patients. Take parsley as salad with your daily meals. It gives great benefits for asthma.

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