Get Instant Relief from Your Headaches – Headache Home Remedies

What is Headache?

Headaches are of several types.

Tension headaches: Tension headaches are more common headaches squeezing your head

Cluster headaches: Cluster headaches are repeated ones occur weeks to months at a time

Migraine headaches: Migraines headaches have symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sounds and lights.

Headache Causes
Stress and tension for prolonged periods of time
Abnormal activity of neurons.
Genetic factors
Excessive smoking and drinking causes cluster headaches.
Natural Headache Remedies

Roast some caraway seeds and dry them. Tie them in a soft handkerchief and sniff (inhale through nose) to get an instant relief from headaches.

Try adding 2 tsp of cinnamon powder to 1 ½ cup of milk and boil it for 2 minutes and then add a teaspoon of honey and stir it thoroughly. Drink it twice a day when suffering with a headache.

Chronic headaches can be cured eating a chopped apple that is sprinkled with salt taken every morning for at least two weeks.

Migraine headache can be relieved with a head massage with rosemary oil.

Ginger can be used to treat headaches. Add tea leaves and ginger to one cup of boiling water, stir it well and drain the entire water and drink it.

Peppermint oil is another soothing remedy for curing migraines and headaches.

Lavander oil is another home remedy for headaches and migraines. The oil can be either applied on your forehead or inhaled. For inhaling, add 2-4 drops of lavender oil to 500 ml of boiling water and inhale the vapors.

For some people, foods like coffee, tea, nuts, peanut butter, chocolates enhance headaches. So it is better to avoid them if it causes you headache.

Mix in equal quantities of apple cider vinegar and water and boil it in a covered pan and then remove the cap and slowly inhale the steam through your nose. This gives relief from sinus headaches instantly.

Prepare a soup adding some pepper to it. This will help you get rid of any nasal blockage.

Lack of sleep can attribute to headaches during pregnancy. So make sure you get enough sleep during pregnancy.

Try drinking plenty of water, as this is quite important to stay hydrated when you are pregnant, as dehydration can be a great cause of headaches.

Try applying hot or cold compressions to your forehead and neck to get relief from headaches instantly.

Be sure that you and your kid are getting enough sleep, as sleeping relieves from headaches.