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NB: This video is English Dubbed video from my another Bangla video on Gastric and Acidity (Link: It was dubbed by me.
Most of the People around the world suffered from different kinds of diseases. But gastro-intestinal diseases are the most frequent of them. Environment, water, food, lifestyles are the main reason of gastro-intestinal diseases. In many gastro-intestinal diseases the most common problem is the acidity/acid reflux and gas formation. Living human, but have not faced this kind of issue may not be exist in the world. It may happen to all age groups. But, the mid-aged people are more vernerable to this problem.
There are so many causes of acidity and gas formation. It may have no end. But some common causes are- eating too much food, empty stomach for long time, eat too much spicy, fatty, oily foods, fries, junk and unhealthy foods, out-food, processed food, maintainging of timing of eating food, too much cafain containg drinks or sometimes drug-to-drug and drug-to-nutrient interaction etc.
There are so many medecines available to get relief from gastric and acidity. But, also there are so many natural ways to get instant relief from gas problem and acid reflux. So, why would you take artificial medicine? Lets go and see some natural instant home remidies of gas formation and acidity instantly and permanently. There are so many options. Try one which is best, available and easy to you.
If you have a serious acidity problem, please go to doctor for testing and medication. It may happen for ulcer in your stomach.
And lastly, it is always best, you should go to a dietitian or nutritionist and take a diet chart and advices for yourself. You can go any nutritionist next to you. Or you may contact with me and my team also.
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