Foods That Cure Cough

Cough is caused by minute particles that enter our respiratory pathways and irritate the airways. This creates an impediment in the flow of air between the nose and the lungs. Any person irrespective of age and sex can be afflicted by cough. A chronic and persistent cough can cause the person to suffer from sleep disorder and create trouble in speaking and even breathing.

Although there are traditional medicines like cough syrups that can relieve the bouts of coughing, but these medicines only suppress the cough and do not eliminate the root cause of the cough. This is the reason it is necessary to find a solution to this problem that can cure the cough for a long time. There are several foods that cure cough and can actually deal with the root cause of the problem.

Foods That Cure Cough
00:00:13 Ginger
00:00:52 Hot And Spicy Foods
00:01:50 Chicken Soup
00:02:48 Garlic
00:03:27 Citrus Fruits