Easy Smoothie for Back Pain | Natural Home Made Recipe

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Super Easy Smoothie for Back Pain
Nowadays more and more people are experiencing pain in their back due to sedentary lifestyle, improper and strenuous physical activity or even mentally stressful job. Apart from expensive massages and alternative medicine treatments, it is highly recommended to include in your daily nutrition some natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties.

You should avoid food rich in gluten as it further worsens the ache.In addition you should include activities such as walking, stretching and swimming.

Ingredients :

Blueberries 60 grams
Spinach 20 grams
Half Apple
Little Ginger
2 teaspoon of honey

Consumption of blueberries can completely change your life. They have a tremendous effect on muscles, nerves,bones and spine due to the presence of powerful antioxidants anthocyanins which fight free radicals in the body.

Spinach affects the spinal cord and considerably soothes the pain. Its abundance with nitrates and vitamin K decreases the chances for developing back ache.

Containing quercetin, apple is considered as a natural anti-inflammatory agent that efficiently fights enzymes that cause chronic and severe pain.

The benefits that the Ginger has are astounding. It contains oils that target the compounds that lead to inflammation.No more stiffness in the back, no more painful and unbearable situations.

Honey is famous for curing many ailments, but rarely does anyone know that it has been used since ancient time to reduce the pain and swelling in the back.

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