Cure Migraines Pain By This 5 Effective And Easy Home Remedies

Cure Migraines Pain By This 5 Effective And Easy Home Remedies \Those who suffer from migraine headaches are more than familiar with the debilitating pain that ensues when one strikes. Watch this video and get some natural remedies to cure migraines.

1. Ginger.
This twofold functioning renders ginger superior to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. During a headache, make a medicinal poultice by boiling chopped ginger root, wrapping it in cloth, and applying it to the site of pain.

2. Turmeric.
Though the spicy nature of this herb which is more commonly used blended into curry powder means that consuming it as a supplement may be the most effective way to experience its medicinal effects.

3. Cold cloths and hot packs.
This last combination just feels really good: a cold cloth on the forehead and a hot pack on the back of the neck. In part it has to do with opening and closing the capillaries. In part, it just feels good.

4. Lavender Oil
One of the best performing in studies is lavender oil. Others you might try, though, are peppermint, basil, and even green apple. Make sure you’re using natural scents, though–artificial scents are one of the most common migraine triggers.

5. Chamomile Tea.
It’s so effective, in fact, that it’s being used as the basis for new herbal remedies for migraines. Its relief might be due to its anti-inflammatory properties–swollen blood vessels in the brain contribute to migraine pain.

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