Constipation Positions #2, Rectal Prolapse, Rectocele Remedy

Jini Patel Thompson shows you why squatting is the best way to align the rectum for an easy, quick bowel movement and how to use a squatting platform (which height is best for your body). Jini also shows you how to apply counter-pressure during a bowel movement to prevent rectal prolapse or outpouching (rectocele). Full instructions on natural remedies (and a free eBook) for Rectal Prolapse are at:

If you missed the first video (Constipation Pooping Positions #1):

Free eBook and treatment for Constipation is at:

NOTE: Do not squat directly on the toilet unless you have a very solid, porcelain toilet that you know can support your body weight! Check with your toilet manufacturer for it’s weight bearing capacity to be sure.
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