8 Side Effects Of Beetroot Juice Must Know Before Including It in Your Diet

8 Side Effects Of Beetroot Juice Must Know Before Including It in Your Diet

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How often have you come across the bright red colored vegetable – beetroot? Umpteen times we are sure! Along with the number of times you have seen it, we are sure you have also heard about all the benefits you can gain out of this vibrant colored veggie. Beetroots or beets is often in various recipes or you can also reap the benefits by drinking a refreshing glass of beetroot juice.

They are surely one of the healthiest juices and you can find a lot of beetroot juice recipes which will aid in detoxifying your body. Did you know that beetroots were considered as medicine in ancient times? Also, earlier it was thought that only the leaves were beneficial but now it has been proved that the entire vegetable is packed with nutrients.

Beetroots basically contain antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins and they also belong to the spinach and chard family! Well, apart from detoxification, some of the other essential benefits of consuming beetroot.

Have you made up your mind to start including beets in your diet as well? But we would suggest you to continue scrolling down to learn about some of the side effects of beetroot juice as well.

12 Side Effects Of Beetroot Juice:
1. Accumulation Of Metals:Certain metals like copper, magnesium, iron and phosphorous can get accumulated due to over consumption of beet juice. People who have hemochromatosis should be overly cautious while drinking beet juice. This is because this disorder already results in over accumulation of iron in your body.

2. Kidney Problems: It would be best to avoid beetroot juice by those who are already suffering from various kidney disorders. The overall level of cholesterol in your body can increase due to the presence of betaine in beets. You could also consult with your physician and then consume it accordingly.

3. Low Calcium Levels:
You might have to reduce the intake of beetroot juice if you want to keep your bones healthy and strong. Why? Because drinking beetroot juice has be known to reduce the calcium levels in the body thereby leading to certain bone related problems.

4. Pregnancy:
Pregnancy is one phase in the life of a woman where she has to be really careful about a lot of things with food being one of the most important elements. Since the betaine present in beetroots can be harmful, the best suggestion you could take would be to avoid consuming beetroot juice until you nursing period is done.

5. Vocal Cords:
This might sound a little scary! Did you ever imagine that your vocal cords could get affected by what you drink? In this case, drinking excess beetroot juice can result in temporary paralysis of your vocal cords. You can tone down this side effect by making juice out of organic beetroots or by adding additional vegetables like celery or carrots with your beet juice.

6. Diarrhea:
A lot of people often suggest using beetroots to get rid of constipation problems due to its effect on gut motility. However, one of side effects of using beets is that it can result in diarrhea. It can have a profound effect on your lower digestive tract.

7. Beeturia:
Don’t get worried with the name of the side effect! It just means that your stools or urine may appear a weird red or pink in color. Don’t panic! It is just a result of drinking lots of beetroot juice. So the next time you observe anything weird like this, you can probably blame it on your beetroot consumption.

8. Liver Toxicity:
When you use beetroot juice to detoxify your body, a lot of toxins get accumulated in your liver and leads to an increase in the levels of toxicity. So if you are already suffering from certain liver conditions, then make sure that you just consume small quantities of beet juice.