6 Warning Signs That Your Heart Isn’t Functioning Properly

Although we are well educated on what the symptoms of a heart attack entail, a lot of us don’t know that there are warning signs you can watch out for that may indicate a potential heart attack in the near future.

Both men and women will have warning signs that should not be dismissed as knowing what to look out for is the key to keeping yourself out of peril.

The main thing you will want to do is keep tabs on your cholesterol levels and what your blood pressure markers are.

These will give you a good indication of the health of your heart, but if you experience any of the following signs, take a trip to the doctor.

1. Chest Soreness or Pain: a lot of the time a heart attack is over dramatized in films, making it seem like you are going to drop to the floor.
Rather, if you feel any type of intense pressure on your chest, call an ambulance.
If you experience any type of subtle pain that radiates to the neck, arm, or jaw, this is another indicator.
Otherwise, if you experience chest pain after or during a workout or when you are stressed, this indicates there is a blood flow issue.

2. A Shortness of Breath: if you are physically fit and able to take a staircase with ease and then suddenly find that they feel like climbing a mountain, something is going on.
It is always a good idea to track your physical activity levels and how well you perform as major changes in this can indicate a problem with your heart.

3. Lightheadedness: although it is normal to feel dizzy when you stand up too quickly, it should only last for a few seconds.
If you get dizzy when standing and it lasts for a few minutes, this indicates that there is an underlying problem with your blood flow.
Prolonged dizziness is linked to huge increase risk of heart failure in later years.

4. Sleep Disturbances: it is quite normal to feel fatigued weeks leading up to a heart attack.
You may also experience sleep disturbances.

5. Yawning During Exercise: if you are constantly yawning during your workouts or are yawning regularly during hot days, it may be an indication that your internal cooling mechanisms are not working correctly.
This may be due to a circulatory issue or a problem with your heart.

6. Bad Breath: if you have bad breath because of gum disease, your chances for a heart attack increases.
This is because the inflammation caused by gum disease negatively impacts the rest of your body, including your heart.
Inflammation in the body is linked to numerous chronic conditions that cause death.

When it comes to your heart health, make sure you are tracking abnormal symptoms as well as your cholesterol and blood pressure levels!
If you are well-informed and observant, you can catch the early warning signs.

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