3 Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Super Effective — How to Remove Hemorrhoids

3 Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Super Effective — How to Remove Hemorrhoids

The so-called piles are an increasingly common evil in the world’s population mainly due to poor eating habits and the quality of life today.

1. Chard and olive oil

It is very simple to apply, first you must chop the leaves of chard in small pieces and then put them in a glass or plastic container so that you can add a spoonful of olive oil so that there is a kind of pasta.

This is applied to the affected area so that the piles can be sent back in a short time.

2. Healing Ointment

To prepare this ointment you will need 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of wax and 1 tablespoon of lanolin, to all this you must add some crushed leaves of plantain so that a somewhat sticky pulp is formed.

Apply this ointment on your hemorrhoids for about 20 minutes and when you clean it with plenty of water take care not to damage the area, use your fingertips.

3. Horse chestnut

This other one is used for a long time and even serves as a base ingredient of many of the current creams that are obtained under medical prescription, the reason is because of its high content of flavonoids that are substances that together with vitamin C remit the free radicals and contribute to the health of the veins of the anus.

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