10 Simple and Natural Ways To Cure Diabetes Without Medication

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Is it possible to cure diabetes completely?
What foods to eat to get rid of diabetes?
What is the best home remedy for diabetes?
How can you lower your blood sugar without medication?

10 ways to cure Diabetes without Medicines

DIABETES type 2 may be reversed by eating a better diet and doing more exercise. A health organisation has claimed switching to this diet could help control high blood sugar levels and reverse the condition.
Diabetes was once considered as an incurable disease. However, thanks to recent developments, we have seen that type 2 diabetes can be managed and, in most cases, reversed with modification in one’s lifestyle habits.

1. Consume probiotics:
Probiotics can help to reduce blood sugar levels, insulin levels and glucose resistance. “Probiotics promote healthy gut health which helps in glucose metabolism. This helps in improving blood sugar levels, prevents inflammation, and improves glycaemic control, normal lipid profile and blood pressure control in type 2 diabetes.
2. Remove refined carbohydrates from the diet:
Refined sugar can spike blood sugar levels. Soda, white bread, biscuits, sugar, and honey enter the bloodstream directly and can elevate blood sugar to a great extent.
3. Eat low glycaemic foods:
Diabetics should eat low glycaemic foods such as non-starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocados, eggs, and raw pastured dairy. “Apart from controlling blood sugar, low GI food also helps in losing weight. Lean protein foods are also good options, be it egg whites, chicken breast, or turkey breast, which provide satiety and prevent you from snacking later on.
4. Substitute sugar with natural sweeteners:
Opt for natural sweeteners such as raw honey, stevia, coconut sugar, balsamic vinegar and dates. “They are loaded with minerals and are low in glycaemic load. Such naturally available and easily digestible substances help in managing diabetes effectively,
5. Increase the fibre intake:
A high-fibre diet can slow down sugar absorption. “Along with giving satiety and aiding in digestion, it also helps lower blood glucose levels. You can get your daily dose of fibre from fruits and vegetables eaten with the skin, beans, legumes, and whole grains like barley, quinoa and oats
6. Don’t drink more:
Alcohol may contain added sugars which increase blood glucose levels and dehydrate the body. “Drink occasionally and in moderation. Have no more than one drink at a time.
7. Avoid smoking:
Diabetics must also quit smoking as nicotine promotes insulin resistance. “Along with creating blood sugar related problems, it also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and kidney problems.

8. Avoid stress:
Stress can impact your blood sugar levels. So, a good way to control diabetes is to keep stress levels normal. You can go for long walks, do yoga, or meditate to beat stress.
9. Get adequate sleep:
A good night’s sleep can improve glucose metabolism. “A single night of inadequate sleep can make the body react in a manner similar to insulin resistance, and may lead to increased blood levels.
10. By adopting and following healthy life style regularly may reverse diabetes permanently

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